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Newark North Ward

The Salvation Army Newark North Ward
95 Broadway
Newark, NJ, 07104
Phone: (973) 755 2488

The men and women of The Salvation Army have proudly served the people of Essex County for over 100 years. Throughout those years, our services and programs changed to better serve the changing needs of our communities. The same compassion and dedication brought to the Newark and the Essex County area by the founders, is still the standard in all we do.

Each of our services address the challenges faced by the working poor, single parents and families due to aging, hunger, drug abuse, HIV/AIDS, homelessness and incarceration. In all of these arenas of service, we strive to offer a hand up, not a hand out.

As The Salvation Army always strives to keep its finger on the pulse of the community, we are consistently updating our programs to address what is happening and what is necessary to help those that are the most in need. Make our programs more comprehensive and capable of serving those facing special challenges in their lives - Join us. You may volunteer in any of our programs, donate items or funds, or make special financial provisions through a bequest, annuity or endowment.


Lieutenant Giezi Hernandez


Sundays/ Domingo
9:00am - Corp Cadets
10:00am - Holiness Meeting/ Reunion de Santidad
11:00am - Bible Study/ Estudio Biblico

Tuesdays/ Martes
6:00pm - Prayer meetings and Bible study/ Oraciones y Estudio Biblico

Wednesday/ Miercoles

6:00pm - Women's league, Mens Club and Club 3:16/ Ministerios Femeninos, Club de Caballeros, y Club 3:16

Thursdays/ Jueves

6:00pm - Dance, Drama, and Music class/ Clases de danza, teatro y musica

Friday/ Viernes

6:00pm - Senior, and junior soldiership classes and Jr Advisory board/ Clase de Soldado y Jovenes Soldado