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Newark Urban Ministries

The Salvation Army Newark Urban Ministries
168 Brookdale Avenue, 1st Floor
Newark, NJ, 07106
Phone: (973) 375-2558

Ten years ago, The Salvation Army developed a new outreach ministry in the Vailsburg section of Newark.  Once a healthy and thriving community, the streets had become home to competing gang factions.  Many of the economic and social ills of the City were reflected on the street corners and creating dysfunction and abuse in many households.  It was the "Mission" of Newark Urban Ministries, an Incarnational Ministry initiative, that was started in a 4-unit apartment building, located within and among all that the community had become.

While there are signs of economic and social development, the gangs are still present, gunshots are often heard during all times of the day and night, and children are in need of safe havens from the streets and in some instances, the crises in their homes.  Newark Urban Ministries provides that safe haven and much more.

Parents and their children know that they can share their burdens, both social and spiritual, within the confines of the Newark Urban Ministries Corps.  Youth programs for children of all ages as well as young adults, are scheduled on a weekly basis.  Weekly worship and Christian education opportunities exist on Sunday and throughout the week.  There is a strong effort of advocacy and support.  When someone's needs extend beyond the resources of Newark Urban Ministries, we will take a person to community resources where answers can be found.  There is a unique outreach to those in the community that suffer from addictions.  Every effort is extended to help the individual find a program or service to support them in their recovery.  Meals and snacks are components of many of the corps programs.  Spiritual Cafe is a mid-day program for adults that are experiencing personal challenges.