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Seasonal Assistance at The Salvation Army New Jersey Division

Christmas and Thanksgiving

The Salvation Army aids thousands of New Jersey residents with toys, food, clothing, visitations and other needs during the holidays. To learn more about our holiday efforts and ways to get involved, click here to visit our Christmas page.

Summer Camping

The Salvation Army operates Camp Tecumseh for New Jersey families. Each summer more than 1000 children, seniors and veterans attend Camp Tecumseh for a week at a time. Three camping programs are unique to Camp Tecumseh. The first is Reunion Camp, a session for young people in foster care. The second is Grands Camp, a session for families where a grandparent has custodial care of his or her grandchildren. Both the grandparent and grandchildren attend camp at the same time. The third session is Vets Camp serving veterans and their families. For more information please call Salvation Army State Headquarters at 908-851-9300.