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Volunteer with The Salvation Army New Jersey Division

April 13, 2016

Why Not Just Write A Check?
Rob Falzon, EVP and CFO, Prudential Financial, Inc.

People don’t expect to see me outside my local supermarket ringing a Salvation Army bell and manning the red kettle during Christmastime. As they hand me their donations they’re probably thinking, “Why is Rob here asking for money? Surely as the CFO of a Fortune 500 company he can write a check and ask his friends to do the same.” They are right and I do. But for me, volunteering for The Salvation Army in any capacity is an honor, whether I’m serving during the grassroots holiday campaign or as the chair of the advisory boards for The Salvation Army of New Jersey and the Newark Corps.

Why do I ring the bell and serve on advisory boards for The Salvation Army? Volunteering gives me an opportunity to impact the lives of so many people in a tangible way—helping men, women and children achieve their potential. I see the difference The Army’s programs make in cities like Camden where we recently opened a Kroc Center to help transform the community; in Newark where our Boys and Girls Club serves more than 1,100 families; and throughout the State with a range of social services. These programs help families to thrive. And being part of “giving others a hand up instead of a hand out” inspires me to do more.

The Salvation Army’s motto is simply “Doing the Most Good.” This is an organization of people who dedicate their lives to serving our local communities. They treat all with dignity and provide all with an opportunity to do better and be better. They are on the ground in every one of our challenged communities in New Jersey, delivering services to address the unique needs of each community. 

The way in which The Salvation Army integrates itself into the unique fabric of our local communities is what makes it special and effective. So yes, you may see me at my local supermarket ringing The Salvation Army bell and asking for a donation. When you do, it’s okay to ask me why. This will give me an opportunity to tell you about The Salvation Army, its great work and give you an opportunity to make a difference too. Writing a check is great. And I do, but volunteering allows me to tell my story and engage with others.


From its inception, The Salvation Army has relied heavily on volunteers who support its programs. Often referred to as “the army behind The Army," volunteers play a crucial role in The Salvation Army's ability to provide quality social services for the entire community.

Volunteers are valuable assets in The Salvation Army's efforts to meet the changing needs of our world. Through the skills and experience they bring to The Army, volunteers make significant contributions to society by positively impacting the lives of those they assist. Salvation Army volunteers change lives, uplift families and support communities throughout our nation everyday.

Discover the joy of giving back to your community: become a Salvation Army volunteer TODAY! Thank you for exploring the many opportunities to help those in need and enhance your community as a volunteer within The Salvation Army.

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