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The Salvation Army New Jersey Division Volunteer FAQs

Why volunteer with The Salvation Army?

  1. To make a difference. Volunteering for The Salvation Army offers a unique chance to change lives and support communities. Your efforts will provide a true difference in the quality of life of those in need.
  2. To gain practical experience. Do you want to work in health or social work? Even if you seek a career in business, art, technology or science, the people skills and experiences you will gain as a volunteer will help you to excel.
  3. To grow as a person. Whether you are seeking to develop your spirituality or to improve your character, working with those less fortunate is often a transformative experience that will help you find greater compassion and appreciation in your life. Volunteering is an excellent means of character exploration and development for men, women, and youth of all ages.
  4. To network. There are social and professional benefits from getting to know other good, caring people. Professionally, you never know who knows who, and your chance acquaintances made through performing volunteer work may reward you in the future. Numerous studies also suggest that networking and forming positive social affiliations will positively influence your mental health and moods.
  5. To improve your resume. If you are a student, gaining volunteer experience can make a great difference when you are applying to college or for scholarships. Even seasoned professionals will find that charitable extracurricular activities such as volunteer work are looked upon favorably in the corporate world and can help you get ahead.
  6. To feel good. Volunteering improves self esteem, reduces blood pressure, enhances the immune system, and decreases stress. Volunteers were also found to have lower premature death rates, less heart disease, and fewer health issues overall according to a study conducted by the Ontario Ministry of Health in Canada. Similar results linking stimulation in the brain’s pleasure center with committing unselfish acts was found by the National Institutes of Health in Maryland. It seems one of the best ways to improve the health of your heart is to use it in the caring service of others!

As a volunteer of The Salvation Army, you will be of priceless value to your community. The Salvation Army appreciates its volunteers and recognizes their strengths and achievements.

What can volunteers do at The Salvation Army?

Check out our opportunity directory or email

How old do I have to be to volunteer?

Some positions require volunteers to be a minimum age, but other jobs can be done by youth or families that include young children. Minors must have a signed parental permission slip to participate.

How do I apply to become a volunteer?

It is required to complete a volunteer application form before serving. Our application form is brief and includes contacts and in-case-of-emergency information. Most positions will also require applicants to submit to a background check to ensure the safety of other volunteers and the vulnerable populations such volunteers may be serving.

Can my group or company volunteer?

Of course! Volunteering in groups is a great way to strengthen bonds and build morale whether you are a member of a club or a corporation. Please email to receive more information on opportunities available on behalf of your group.

Will I have to volunteer in any dangerous situations or locations?

Safety for all volunteers, staff, and clients is important to The Salvation Army, and many measures are taken to ensure this general wellbeing. Salvation Army officers and staff undergo extensive training in creating safe environments and supervising volunteers. Salvation Army facilities are designed with safety in mind. Potentially hazardous situations or environments are disclosed and made known as part of position descriptions whenever possible.

For questions about volunteering that are not covered on this website, please contact: