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Newark Area Services
The Salvation Army Newark Area Services
45 Central Avenue
Newark, NJ 07102
Phone: (973) 623-5959
Fax: (973) 623-7537


The men and women of The Salvation Army have proudly served the people of Essex County for over 100 years.  Throughout those years, our services and programs changed to better serve the changing needs of our communities.  The same compassion and dedication brought to the Newark and the Essex County area by the founders, is still the standard in all we do.

Each of our services address the challenges faced by the working poor, single parents and families due to aging, hunger, drug abuse, HIV/AIDS, homelessness and incarceration.  In all of these arenas of service, we strive to offer a hand up, not a hand out.

As The Salvation Army always strives to keep its finger on the pulse of the community, we are consistently updating our programs to address what is happening and what is necessary to help those that are the most in need.

Make our programs more comprehensive and capable of serving those facing special challenges in their lives - Join us.  You may volunteer in any of our programs, donate items or funds, or make special financial provisions through a bequest, annuity or endowment.




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HAND-UP (Hope and New Direction to Uplift from Poverty):  The Salvation Army's HAND-UP Program focuses on aiding families and individuals, whether homeless or sheltered, through the provision of food, shelter, rental and energy assistance, and referral information.  In the last year, this program provided casework assistance to 10,093 cases (totaling 24,404 individuals), provided food assistance (via canned goods) to 8,074 cases (19,523 individuals), and assisted more than 7,794 cases (27,281 individuals) at Christmas with food and toys.

As part of this venture, The Salvation Army has collaborated with NJ Shares (a state-wide energy assistance program) to help residential energy customers who are experiencing short-term financial difficulties, who may have exhausted all other resources of help and who cannot pay their energy bill.  For more information, please contact Evelyn Falcon at (973) 623-5959, x203.

The Senior Companion Program:  Volunteers in the Senior Companion Program provide assistance and friendship to elderly individuals who are homebound and, generally, living alone.  These volunteers must be age 60 or older and meet income eligibility requirements.  There are currently 102 companions providing service to 517 homebound seniors.  For more information, please contact Zoila Disla at (973) 373-5045 x209.

The Foster Grandparent Program:  The Foster Grandparent Program enables volunteers, aged 60 and over, to remain physically and mentally active by partnering with children with special needs to achieve improved physical, mental, emotional and social development.  There are currently 60 Foster Grandparents providing services to 247 clients within Essex and Hudson Counties.  For more information, please contact Zoila Disla at (973) 373-5045 x209.

The Senior Caregiver Socialization Program:  The Senior Caregiver Socialization Program provides participants, seniors aged 60 and over, opportunities to enjoy both intergenerational and peer social and recreational activities.  These opportunities include respite camps, visits to local theaters, cinemas and museums, seasonal programs and support group meetings.

The Kinship Care Programs:

Kinship Wrap-Around Services:  Kinship Wrap-Around Services administers and delivers one-time interventions that are not available from any other source including furniture, rental assistance, legal services, respite care, transportation and other limited services necessary to maintain a safe, stable home environment for low-income kinship caregivers and their related child(ren).

Kinship Legal Guardianship Program:  Kinship Legal Guardianship Program aids the kinship caregiver in processing the necessary petitions and documents in order to become Legal Guardians at minimal or no cost to the caregiver. 

For more information on either of the Kinship programs, please call the Kinship Navigator Program's toll-free number, (877) 816-3111.